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Islam and Muslims ! (Message)
poster par The great truth The Arabic word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’, and is derived from a word meaning ‘peace’.  As such, the religion of Islam teaches that in order to achieve true peace of mind and surety of heart, one must submit to God and live according to His Divinely revealed Law. Islam is not a new religion because ‘submission to the will of God’, i.e. Islam, has always been the only acceptabl[...]

Retour Marathon 2014 (Page)
poster par Section course à pied de l' ASC CHBS MERCREDI 16 AVRIL 2014 L’Association Sportive et Culturelle du Centre Hospitalier de Bretagne Sud (ASC CHBS) sous la présidence de Marie-Jo PIÉTOT a accompagné le 6 avril une équipe de 18 coureurs au Marathon de Paris. Sous l’impulsion dynamique de Gaël BADOUX, responsable de la section course à pied, la participation à cette épreuve qui compte [...]

TRAIL FLK Les chemins du Scorff (Page)
poster par Section course à pied de l' ASC CHBS DIMANCHE 22 FÉVRIER 2015   LORIENT Résultats du 14 km : 143. Gaël BADOUX  1H24’31  52/64 185. Ghislaine BERNARD-DROAL  1H35’17  6/6 191 classés     [...]

TRAIL du Marquis PLOUAY (Page)
poster par Section course à pied de l' ASC CHBS DIMANCHE 15 MARS 2015   PLOUAY           Résultats du 25 km : 127. Karine BOUSQUET-ROUXEL  2H30’41  3/14 183. Gaël BADOUX  2H48’32  73/86 230 classés[...]

Salman the Persian ! (Message)
poster par The great truth The man died, and Salman stayed in Amuria.  One day, “Some merchants from the tribe of Kalb[1]  passed by me,” Salman said, “I told them, ‘Take me to Arabia and I will give you my cows and the only sheep I have.’”  They said, “Yes.”  Salman gave them what he offered, and they took him with them.  When they reached Waadi al-Quraa [close to Medinah], they sold him as a slave t[...]

Abu Bakr, the Truthful (Message)
poster par The great truth These are the words of Prophet Muhammad, may God shower him with praises, and Abu Bakr was his closest earthly companion.  Abu Bakr was known asAs Siddeeq (the truthful).  The Arabic word Siddeeq implies more than lack of deceit; it indicates a person in a constant state of truthfulness.  One who recognises the truth and adheres to it.  The word Siddeeq implies truthfulness to one’s self[...]

Why Islam? (Message)
poster par The great truth Let’s talk frankly.  Almost never do non-Muslims study Islam until they have first exhausted the religions of their exposure.  Only after they have grown dissatisfied with the religions familiar to them, meaning Judaism, Christianity and all the fashionable “-isms”—Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism (and, as my young daughter once added, “tourism”)—do they consider Islam.   Perhaps ot[...]

Alcohol in Islam ! (Message)
poster par The great truth[dailymotion][/dailymotion] Islam’s holistic approach to health and well-being means that anything that is harmful or mostly harmful, is forbidden.  Therefore,  Islam takes an uncompromising stand towards alcohol and forbids its consumption in either small or l[...]

Kamera : la passionara du Mouvement Citoyen ! (Message)
poster par Timesdurar Kamera : la passionara du Mouvement Citoyen ! D 29 SEPTEMBRE 2003     H 22:49     A     C 34 MESSAGES C’est à Ichariwen, près de Tizi Rached, que j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Kamera, membre du collectif des femmes du printemps noir, parmi les quelques 250 participants et invités à la conférence régionale du MAK du 18 août 2003.Elle a accepté répo[...]

The Pleasures of Paradise ! (Message)
poster par The great truth The reality of Paradise is something which people will never be able to understand until they actually enter it, but God has shown us glimpses of it in the Quran.  He has described it as a place essentially different to the life of this world, both in the very nature and purpose of life, as well as the types of delights which people will enjoy therein.  The Quran tells people about Paradise, w[...]

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