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poster par The great truth(Description: Some of the most common questions asked about Islam. Part 1: What is Islam? What are Muslims? Who is Allah? Who is Muhammad?)   1. WHAT IS ISLAM? Islam is the name of the religion, or more properly the ‘way of life’, which God (Allah) has revealed and which was practiced by all of the Prophets and Messengers of God that He sent to mankind. Even the name stands out uni[...]

That is what Islam : (Message)
poster par The great truth The lslam is submission and obedience to Allah, the Lord of the universe. However, as the only sure and true way to know and learn what His will and His law is in the teachings of the true Prophet , we can define Islam as a religion demanding full faith in the teachings of the Prophet the acceptance and implementation of its precepts of life. Therefore, whoever rejects through the prophet and cl[...]

The Great Forgiveness (Message)
poster par The great truth [dailymotion] [/dailymotion]  If we want God to forgive us , we humans , who disproportionately sin night and day, for our part we know how to take this opportunity and this great favor that the Lord offers us and grant us anyway and for us allow us continually love each other.The Lord we say " he who does not forgive will not be forgiven ." and a ver[...]

What is our mission ? (Message)
poster par The great truth This is a question that must be asked every Muslim. And every Muslim worthy of the name must have an answer provided it is satisfactory , convincing. Rab'i Ibn Amer had been asked the same question by Rostom , King of the Persians in his palace in the midst of his guards and military leaders. As he was a Muslim who knew what it was Islam and had understood the mission of the Messenger of Allah [...]

Right action (Message)
poster par The great truth If you do a good deed should not rejoice to have made, but we must thank Allah for having inspired the possibility to do it and we implore Allah to grant advantage. To continue in this spirit of good and righteous, the believer must get used to the constant purification of his soul, he must seriously ensure in particular followed the bad action good because it clears.   And that is especi[...]

Allah sees us ! (Message)
poster par The great truth Avoid in your life, in your daily and along your days , a single thing , the breaking the driver connects you with Allah ( سبحانه وتعالى ) son , your Lord , your Creator , who knows what was, what will and knows what he is not if it was , how it would be .   Wherever we are, wherever we are, whether we are convinced that Allah ( سبحانه وتعالى ) our Lord sees us, watchi[...]

Football do not our religion ! (Message)
poster par The great truth Nowadays " Great " this little world should be wary of seriously "Small" and considered with respect. The world that the quality of its organization reveals whenever the capacity and financial and material resources available to the " Powerful " of this world , but also their pride, their distinctions and their claims against the "Small" . Today, these archaic behavior , this medieval visio[...]

The first steps of re- converted to Islam ... (Message)
poster par The great truth   You just agree on a healthy track, perfect I would say, on the true path , the unique, the way of Allah , the way of eternal Paradise . It is your own eternal life , it is your own personal happiness and eternal ... In the Holy Qur'an , our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) after a kudûçi hadith (sacred) : God said: " I have prepared for My righteous slaves what no eye has seen and what[...]

Truth is like the sun ... (Message)
poster par The great truth The rush of hundreds of thousands of Christians to Islam in the world , is obviously a great reality that every day that God gives us learns advantage, against the alleged conversion of Muslims to Christianity is that a silly way to hide the truth.   Whether we like it or not , Islam is a great truth , a truth that exists in each of us . Yet he only just have to look around ... Islam is a hea[...]

Our first night in the Tomb! (Message)
poster par The great truth We thought one day to our first night in the Tomb? How many of us have already moved to a grave and arose this large and fatal question: how will be my first night in the Tomb? What look like the first night that I will spend in the Tomb?   A question very taboo for some of us, but very serious and very apprehensive for others! When the curtain falls and this great and terrible day arrives [...]

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